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LES BOIS ALLUMÉS is a candle made from pure bees wax in the shape of deer antlers, which also leave a very healthy aroma in the house. The gift box contains 2 one wick candles(left & right) which have been handmade in Austria. The candles measurements are 28cm in length and have a burning time of approximately 330 minutes.

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Product Description

A little while ago we took a walk in the woods and tripped over a pair of deer antelers- this led to our new product- LES BOIS ALLUMÉS. Antlers. For some people-they are the stuff that dreams are made of. To many hunters, harvesting a large antlered buck represents the ultimate accomplishment. However, many people hunt their entire lives without getting the opportunity to realize this goal. Our horns are not made for pushing off but to be lit. LES BOIS ALLUMÉS is a pair of candles in the shape of deer antelers. The candles are made from 100% pure beeswax, which also leave a very healthy aroma in the house and burn alot longer than parafin candles. Burning time of this candle approximately 720 hours.

Contents: a gift box containing one antler candle with 2 wicks  made with love in Austria from pure bees wax.