Drawdio Kit DIY


  • Runs on a single AAA battery(not included in our kit to save shipping costs which are stil free at the moment) for many hours (even ‘nearly dead’ batteries will work)
  • Use any pencil – mechanical or plain. The kit comes with a 2B pencil, the softer the lead the better it conducts
  • Ridiculously fun for all ages

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Product Description

Drawdio Kit: A pencil that lets you draw with music! – The Drawdio kit design is based on Jay Silver’s  original design. When we first saw the Drawdio at Maker Faire I knew it would be a great project for beginners: A lot of fun with instant gratification! Essentially, its a very simple musical synthesizer that uses the conductive properties of pencil graphite to create different sounds. The result is a fun toy that lets you draw musical instruments on any piece of paper. Our Kit contains all the electronic components needed, instructions and a small pencil. The kits is easy to build and let’s one explore the basic of electronics and sound, soldering is required. Here is a link to more instructions http://mightyohm.com/files/soldercomic/FullSolderComic_EN.pdf